At PULSEFLX, we believe in the power of recovery. Of active rehab. Of repair.
We want to take the results of our research to give you products that can help not only get you fit but stay fit with healthy, active recovery that actually works.
Regardless of your fitness level, budget or where you are in your rehab plan, PULSEFLX places targeted massage therapy at the forefront of your healing program.
We strive to make our products accessible to all athletes—from amateur to professional.
If you have the desire to get better, recover faster, and focus on the health of your body, PULSEFLX wants to present you with a product to do just that.
With a team of great minds and elite athletes’ experiences from all over the world, we developed the targeted-massage-therapy gun, taking the world onto a renowned recovery journey—one muscle at a time.
Although we know you have other products and brand names to choose from, we’ve adjusted the most-used manufacturing formula to be faster and more versatile than others you’ll find on the market.
Our founders have uniquely designed our products, attachments, and materials to tailor to everyone’s needs—from newbie in the gym to elite athlete. Focusing on every muscle group, PULSEFLX is scientifically-calibrated to help provide you with optimal results for the body as a whole. 
At PULSEFLX, we strive.
We strive to help you find relief for all types of people with all types of pain.
We strive to provide you with the newest generation of therapeutic devices in the sports world.
We strive to offer an elevated customer experience that places you and your needs at the forefront of everything else. We want to give you expert guidance based on our experience to help you move better, pain-free.
We back every one of our products because we believe in craftsmanship and customer loyalty. Here at PULSEFLX, we offer a 2-year warranty on all our devices featured on the site and online marketplace.
We promise each of our customers that our devices are designed to treat existing injuries, work on a prevention plan, and rehabilitate your muscles to amplify your athletic performance.
Working on an injury-prevention and treatment program with our products can help you increase your range of motion, work on your flexibility, and get you faster, more agile, and more focused to help you become the best athlete you can be.