Easy monthly payments. 0% APR financing. No money down.*

Recovery and Proper Rehabilitation shouldn’t be setting you back on the field or in the gym—and especially in your bank account.

Enjoy the stress-free feeling of being able to relieve your pain without putting a hole in your wallet. If pressure and tension are reasons you could benefit from the PULSEFLX Massage Gun in the first place—then the payment plan of the device shouldn’t  bring you even more strain.

All YOU need to do is fill in the application to help you pre-qualify for your programmed financial plan. With our no-fine-print policy, you’ll know what you owe—at all times.

Our financial plan is designed to set you up with simple-to-follow, monthly payments, no hidden fees, and backed by a 30-day money-back guarantee.

If you’re looking to pay interest-free installments to spread the cost, PulseFX can help you train like a pro—and recover like one, too.

A Short Word on Our Warranty Policy

Depending on your financial situation, you could be subject to credit check and approval.

For initial purchase, a down payment may be required. Depending on the price of the device, payment options might be limited due to the minimum and maximum cost. The payment also excludes taxes and shipping fees, which will be confirmed on the checkout page.

In accordance with our two-year warranty policy, if within two years from your initial purchase, the product has failed due to a defect in material or workmanship, PULSEFLX will repair or replace your product or components, on the house.

However, this 2-year inclusive warranty excludes damage which is:

  • Caused by mishandling of equipment, accidental dropping or injury while using or transporting the device.
  • Caused by misuse in conformance with manufacturer’s instructions and PULSEFLX
  • Caused by abnormal or incorrect storage referring to the manufacturer’s suggestion.
  • Backed by a failure to prove the date of purchase.

Caused by unauthorized “repair” from a third-party not included between the purchaser and PULSEFLX